“I work for myself so I guess I work a boss.” The second bar 2 Chainz raps on “Feel a Way” featuring Brent Faiyaz & Kanye West. The message is obvious — a wholesome and delicate balance between arrogance and self-love. If you’re looking for an earworm or mantra, give it a spin. Is this how affirmation works?

Entrepreneurs work indeed for themselves. Usually, depending on how the entrepreneur is wired, entrepreneurs work for their employees in the first place. Their customers, investors, stakeholders…. probably all come first. Entrepreneurs often put themselves last, even though they’re the first one that has to answer.

Depending on discipline levels, the entrepreneur could either be too lazy, have an ideal work ethic, or work way past the point of crashing. With auto-accountability, meaning you (only) answer to you, finding an optimal level of tough love towards oneself is a lifelong struggle. An interesting and satisfying struggle.

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