beget regret

As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. By the time that particular feeling of absence kicks in, it’s often already too late to revert. For the regrets we inadvertently add to our list, most of them stem from things that we didn’t do, rather than did do.

Some regrets materialize near-instantly, where others take time to grow, perhaps even intensifying over time. Certainly, those regrets were preceded by an uneasy, weary feeling. Let’s call it gut-feeling for now.

How does one quantify gut feeling? It’s as if some intestine intelligence consistently beats our brain in a drag race towards understanding.
At times, the cerebral understanding of what our bellies are signaling comes but a split second later. Other times, it takes years.

If we can confide in ourselves and feel a regret starting to manifest itself, chances are, we most likely will end up regretting it. Hence, trust the gut, or get regret added to your stack.

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