some decades

When I was a kid riding in the back of the car with my father, he said something like, “three decades ago…” I remember the exact time and place because I was utterly confused at the time.

I wasn’t even one decade of age. Maybe that’s why I struggled with wrapping my head around the concept of being able to reminisce about something that happened multiple decades ago.

Time is currently a strange concept. Throughout this pandemic, every day blends into the next one. It almost feels as if time slowed down. However, in hindsight, this too will (hopefully) feel like a short episode.

Looking back today, I am now able to reminisce about events that occurred multiple decades ago.

There is no time like the present. If you want something, go for it today. Time slows down for no one. Take that leap of faith.

ageing fear

As humans grow increasingly older, it seems as if we understand the process of aging itself less. The elderly are often treated like toddlers, which is belittling and disrespectful.

Imagine a lifetime of pursuing profound intellectual and emotional experiences, to be received with kindergarten activities towards the end.

Perhaps treating elderly people like kids is a terribly flawed coping mechanism to help us deal with collective gerascophobia. Ever so disgraceful.