business grand prix — aggression

I’m not the one to encourage socially destructive values. Aggression could be considered as such. In a race, the line between assertiveness and aggression is often a fine one.

Overtaking a competitor requires driving offensively and without attacking; moving up a position simply doesn’t happen. Inversely, preventing a competitor from overtaking requires a more defensive driving – or riding style. There are, nevertheless, rules as to how racers can defend their position. Typically, the number of times a racer can deviate from their racing line is (very) limited.

It’s business. It isn’t personal. A phrase so-called (business) sharks don’t shy away from. Does that mean that entrepreneurs need to be aggressive, ruthless without scruples? No.

In Business As In Life- You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate

Chester L. Karrass.

Your business, your passion. Go and get it. Chase your goals relentlessly without crossing ethical and morals borders.