channel growth

One cargo ship getting stuck in a canal blocking global trade is a rather unfortunate event. Yet every business has similar events waiting to unfold. One mishap with the potential to block your entire sales pipeline. A disaster making your business come to a grinding halt.

There are two ways to go about this problem.

One way is to invest in growth. We could make the canal both wider and deeper. We could invest in technology to guide more vessels through in less time, thus increasing throughput. Translation; increase sales funnel capacity by increasing productivity. We can achieve this by having the right amount of people, using the right tools and processes to reach maximum efficiency.

These initiatives will surely pay for themselves as growth is certified. However, these actions don’t take a potential disaster into account.

Another way to go about this problem is to invest in conflict resolution. A procedure that describes what to do in case of emergency. The right people with the right skills and equipment with a clearance to respond to a call of distress.

Short-term growth is increasing bandwidth today. Long-term growth is eliminating bandwidth shrinkage tomorrow.

the elephant in the chair

Instead of carefully dancing around the elephant in the room, pull up a chair for the majestic creature.

Elephants have huge ears and are sentient beings. If they’re in the same room with people talking about them, no doubt they will pick up on it.
Avoiding conflict is not a sound business strategy.

There will always be proverbial elephants in the room. Regardless of attempts to keep them out. Ignoring them just makes them sad and angry. Invite the elephant to the table.

Acknowledging is better than avoiding.