patience paradox

So-called overnight success is the result of ten years of excruciatingly hard work and sacrifice. To achieve it, one must be patient. Very much so.

Loading an e-commerce website, on the other hand, should take but a split second. In this case, one mustn’t be patient. Zero chill allowed. When two e-commerce platforms offer similar services, one ever so slowly, the other super-fast, which one will prevail?

If a process can be done faster — without compromising quality — it should be done faster. None of us have time to witness their frustration barrel overflow.

As a business, it’s fair to demand the fastest possible service from other companies, especially ones that you offer and expose to your end-clients.

In this patience paradox, macro patience on the one hand, and micro patience on the other hand seem to be very far apart, but the line that separates them is a fine one.