All the successful, large companies in the world have one thing in common.

The best hamburger I ever ate wasn’t served by McDonald’s. I got it from a small, local restaurant you probably don’t know. You can’t argue about tastes, but if it turns out that there are tastier burgers out there, how come McDonald’s is so successful?

Due to one principle. Both on the input and output side.


People of all walks of life can follow an exceptionally well-documented flow to serve burgers, handle money and other tasks in no time. After so many iterations, the entire process is so straightforward that it’s repeatable on every content. Making it a great driver for growth.

On the customer side, the experience is repeatable as well. Repeatable as in, no matter where in the world you order a Big Mac, the experience and taste will be very similar, time and time again.

Propositions, solutions, and products that feature repeatable aspects in both making and consuming them win.