customer is boss

We all have to answer to someone. “I just don’t want to work for a boss (anymore).” If I had a buck for every time, I heard somebody using this particular reason to rationalize self-employment…

Customer is king, is a very well-known expression. My claim is: customer is boss.

Even as the m/f/x running the show, your responsibility lies with providing added value for your customers. At the top of a big firm, part of a large conglomerate, your so-called bosses might be overseas. Heading a public company might mean that your shareholders are actually your boss.

Unwillingness to work for a boss is a lousy reason to engage in entrepreneurship. Even though “boss” is a terrible word, we all have to answer to someone.

beautiful duty

Throughout the last couple of years, interest in “corporate social responsibility” is steadily climbing.

Great. More interest could result in more awareness, which in turn could result in pressure. That pressure could eventually translate into consumers’ altering their behavior, buying from different vendors, with greater corporate social responsibility.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few horror stories regarding the lack of corporate social responsibility. Ranging from how raw materials are sourced, to the way workers are treated, to false emission claims. The list goes on. Those are the stories that surfaced. Suffice to say that there is a multitude of similar reports that haven’t (yet) surfaced. Once you notice, it’s grueling to look the other way.

Some businesses have more potential than others to contribute to corporate social responsibility. Even if it’s just a little bit, maximize yours today.