Discomfort is normal. Nuisances here and there are inherently part of life.

An occasional minor headache that vanishes with some over-the-counter medicine is slightly annoying yet acceptable.

These little problems are part of the game. Deal with them as they arise. Don’t go out of your way to obliterate them. The cost to avoid them would be too high.

A severe migraine attack is a different story altogether. When you’re no longer able to endure light and sound, worse, become unable to move, you become debilitated. There is nothing you can do. It’s literally the only thing you can do. Nothing. Call it a day.

It’s horrendous to be debilitated, especially while operating a business. We like to be in control, but in the end, we can’t control what we can’t control.

There is, however, one more thing we can do, albeit not while debilitated.

Identify and eliminate debilitating risks in your business before they occur the next time. Prevention is better than cure, after all.

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