first gun

I was eleven years old the first time I saw a gun in the streets. Startled by a clinging sound in peak midday rush while I was waiting for a friend right outside the hall of Antwerp-Central rail station.

Looking toward the sound, I noticed a shiny, chrome, Beretta. To suppress panic, I’m trying to see if someone else witnessed what I just saw. The next instant, I looked at the man who had just dropped the gun.

He was getting dumped on, verbally, by his companion. Sounding like a southeast European language, I can only imagine he must have said. You idiot, why did you drop your piece in the middle of the day? At the busiest spot in the city, no less.

The two men looked at me. In about twelve seconds, I developed more panic. I touted my lips somewhat and shook my head in an attempt to relay an “I haven’t seen anything” sentiment.

Why am I telling you this?

55% of communication is nonverbal.

Leaders, managers, and HR professionals can’t overestimate the importance of body language.

Sometimes, everything and nothing is being said at the same time.

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