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Why not hire one new employee for two or three jobs? I don’t mean that these new employees should work themselves to the bone, performing multiple jobs simultaneously. I mean that companies benefit from creating a perspective to make the follow-up trajectory clear, very early in the process.

The extent to which companies can successfully connect candidates to themselves correlates strongly with the extent to which companies can offer perspective. This can be illustrated relatively simply. Consider a subway map. Dear candidate, you are here. On this line, there are three stops (opportunities for advancement), and at the fourth stop, you could switch to another line, if you wanted to. Switching involves a so-called non-linear career switch, where the employee does not advance within the same role but can explore an adjacent role.

This brings me to “g”, the seventh letter of the corporate culture alphabet, which stands for growth.

Many companies prioritize growth but fail to propose a personal growth trajectory during the hiring process.

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