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Sometimes the job gets lonely — first one in, last one out. At the top, you have a clear overview because you’re far away from everything.

Entrepreneurship rewards individualistic behavior. Tread carefully. Go too far down that rabbit hole, and there will be nobody left to pull you out. Individualism is heavily influenced by society and (sub)culture. Rewarding individualistic behavior doesn’t mean collectivism is penalized. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Smart people will save your business. Another plea for networking, you say? Yes, indeed. While it’s crystal clear that networking is an essential aspect of growing as a person as well as growing your business, the tenser the circumstances grow, the easier it is to forget. Similar to getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy food. When the going gets tough, these are among the first things out the window.

If you haven’t yet, make a recurring reminder, task, or appointment to network every week.

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