one hundred

My fascination with the number one hundred knows no limits.

Numbers gain importance as a result of various reasons. Some numbers, such as π, are popular due to their practicality in describing how the universe works. In religious scriptures, certain numbers (such as seven and forty) are referred to more often than others, again boosting their popularity.

Some other numbers have lost their meaning. ألف مبروك or grazie mille (respectively thousand blessings or congratulations in Arabic, followed by thousand graces or thanks in Italian) doesn’t literally mean thousand; it means a whole lot.

Zero to 100 real quick. One hundred is a popular number in pop and urban culture. (Rubs hands like birdman.) To me, the number is special, due to “percentage” being an extremely well-suited vehicle to express (compound) growth. I once got into an argument (sorry, intellectual discussion) because a befriended data scientist absolutely disapproved of me expressing a number in percentage with a sample size smaller than a hundred. He wasn’t wrong, though.

This is the 100th one minute read. Here is a little surprise to celebrate this milestone.

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