pay toll on the road to success

nearly a decade ago, i was driving through the alps on my way back home. in Austria, i was presented with a choice. Either take an expensive toll road or take a detour. Even though I wasn’t in a hurry, and I didn’t mind putting in the extra kilometers, I ended up choosing the toll road. The “scenic road” label sparked my interest. The other option never stood much of a chance.

In life, on the road to success, we must pay a toll. Lots of it. No (financial) pain, no gain. A toll-free alternative will get you there eventually, but it’s a lot less glorious and much more time-consuming.

The Austrian road was absolutely delightful — rolling hills announcing mountains behind them, sweeping curves, and fresh asphalt. Comparing with other toll road experiences, this one, in particular, was well worth it. the views were astounding. five stars. Would recommend. Would go down again.

Why reject a toll road to success? When the free alternative provides better learning opportunities or greater satisfaction, denouncing the toll road becomes an option. If the toll road isn’t feasible, budget-wise, the thought of it is nevertheless still appealing.

On the road to success, you must pay. Dues or toll, the choice is yours.

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