permanence decline

It’s not like it’s written in stone (anymore). At one point, things were actually written in stone or chiseled in clay, for that matter. Today, undoing is just a keyboard shortcut away.

Making a typo while writing in stone is irritating. Since writings in stone preserve relatively well, you’d better have a solid understanding of what you want to relay before putting pen to paper, or should I say, hammer to tablet.

Today, stories disappear. Encrypted messages can be seen once, provided they’re not screenshotted. The ability, and more importantly, the speed with which we can publish, recall, delete, edit items is bonkers.

That’s not a bad thing. It provides us with the possibility to do more testing. “Build, measure, learn,” the foundation for lean business, encourages us to launch experiments (early), analyze the impact and reiterate. Significantly harder to do with writings in stone.

A strategy no longer has to be crystal-clear upfront. Publish early, revisit.

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