royal pizza

On Friday, we went for pizza with the king. While queueing for one of the top pizza spots in Brussels, a party of four exited the restaurant. One of them looked a lot like the king of Belgium, is what I thought. A second later, I realized it was the king, his son, and two bodyguards.

Sire, king, majesty… While I was trying to figure out what the protocol was to address royalty, the king passed right by me before I could ask if he remembered me. As a kid, I played a (lead) role in a musical titled: “The King and I, which the actual king had attended at the time.

All jokes aside. Michael Porter once said: “you can’t be all things to all people.” Apparently, in some rare cases, it is possible.

If you can make a product so good that it appeals to kings and queens and us mere mortals, you’re definitely onto something.

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