tunnel walls

Mental and physical symptoms often accompany severe work overload. Increased heart rate, feeling like the walls are closing in, among many other signs. A predicament to (try to) avoid at all cost.

Easier said than done. Who anticipated the pandemic lasting so long? As a social and harmonious person, working from home will be extra strenuous for you. Something you had rather avoided, but here you are.

We all get stuck in this position now and then, and that’s fine. It’s bad enough already as it is. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it. It’s like driving on the highway; you miss an exit, and are now forced into a tunnel. Turning back isn’t an option. You’ll have to wait for the next exit.

What if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? All that means is that the tunnel is too long (or curvy) to see all the way through. Trust the process and progress you’re making. As long as you keep going, the light will start to show, any moment now.

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