business grand prix — deep focus

That look. Only the eyes are visible. The rest of the racer’s face is covered in their helmet. Immersed in thoughts, going around the track, mentally. Calculating different scenarios. A level of concentration so deep, it almost becomes a meditative state.

Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest racers ever. Even though his capabilities supersede those of us mortals, he did have one flaw. Because he was so fast, sometimes while leading a race, the racer in second place was so far behind, and there was literally no pressure at all. During a (minimal) number of races, Michael Schumacher would experience no pressure at all, perhaps even get slightly bored, and as a result, make mistakes.

Deep focus is definitely a valuable asset. The ability to build up a level of concentration and maintain it can and should be trained. Not only should it be practiced, but it should also be enabled. Going from meeting to meeting, entering a state of deep focus is challenging.

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