intermittent reinforcement

One of the many reasons social media is addictive is “intermittent reinforcement.” This refers to the infinite scroll or the way endless items reappear when you reach the bottom, creating a feeling of no end in sight.

People can sometimes experience the same sensation in their job. Without a clearly defined endpoint for a task or project, achieving a sense of completion and fulfillment can be difficult.

Social media addiction can be emotionally draining, as can work that feels never-ending.

tech changes

Here is an example of how technology changes consumers and producers.

Back in the day, TV shows were written so that you’d still understand what was going on no matter when you tuned in. If you missed an episode, you missed an episode. One way to help viewers was to have a steady cast that appears in every single episode.

Nowadays, people (binge) watch TV shows. On-demand, whenever it’s convenient. For instance, the Netflix remake of “House of Cards” has characters disappearing, only to make their return eight episodes later. This principle allows for a new layer of complexity. Complexity that challenges the writers even more in their creative processes.

Safe to say, streaming technology altered viewers’ behaviors. This behavior change, in turn, influences producers’ behaviors, only to further alter viewers’ behaviors.

Imagine for a second how technology has influenced employees’ behavior. Hybrid working is here to stay. How does that influence employers? What are some of the principles they should embrace to further engage with their employees?