value plus value

Different cultures have slightly different takes on collaborating professionally. Some cultures are more welcoming and actively look for collaborations, whereas others tend to keep more to themselves.

One person alone can only do so much. Obviously. What’s true of people is true of businesses as well. One company, in and by itself, can only create limited value.

Think of your smartphone. A plethora of different parts are involved, sourced from various manufacturers. Some automobile makers purchase engines from competitors to put into their vehicles.

In his book “24 Assets“, Daniel Priestley writes: “There is no one thing that creates a valuable business. Value is created in the ecosystem of assets.”

To grow a business, collaboration has to take place.

toxicity from within

I was once in a toxic relationship. What’s worse, I went out of my way in an attempt to save the relationship.

It’s hard to see the forest through the trees. Love makes blind. From within the relationship, it’s tough to notice. Only when you take a step back and allow for time to progress, you come to understand.

What’s true for amorous relationships is also true of work relationships. If
If you catch yourself spending much time trying to figure out what you could have possibly done (wrong)… It’s time to run.

You should either know or ask and receive a straight answer. Anything else is a waste of time.