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Co-worker relationship is the most prominent factor influencing employee engagement in the banking sector. One particular study provides a conceptual framework to map employee engagement in the banking industry, built on four pillars. Training and career development, co-worker relationship, perceived organizational support, and reward and recognition. The model is beautiful in its simplicity, and there aren’t many barriers to apply this model outside the banking industry.

Earlier I described training and career development. (link). Now, let’s look into the co-worker relationship.

Co-worker relationship.

It goes without saying that, depending on the type of job, the kind of co-worker relationships varies. A nurse may have other nurses as colleagues and doctors, to name a few. A junior engineer may be paired with a senior engineer, a project manager, and a tester.

One of the biggest employee engagement boosters is to identify and communicate team roles within a team. When companies help their employees understand their preferred roles within a team, they can build better matches with greater compatibility.

Some people naturally show more leadership characteristics, whereas others are more hands-on. More specifically, some people are helicopters, keeping an overview at all times. Other people are planners, maximizing efficiency within the team.

Different tasks require different team compositions. Start with identifying soft-skills and professional expectations regarding team roles to boost engagement and productivity.

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