crash and drown

Some things in life can’t be tried; they can only be done. Pilots can’t try to take off from an aircraft carrier and hope for the best. They either become airborne or go for a very expensive and potentially lethal swim.

Training for take-off and landing from a ship in the ocean doesn’t happen out on the ocean (initially). It starts in a classroom, studying the procedure theoretically. Followed by training in a simulator. Aspiring pilots can move on to the real deal once they’ve acquired enough virtual experience. Practicing on airstrips on land first, only then can they move on to an actual aircraft carrier.

Manoeuvres your business can only perform once, for instance, signing an exclusivity deal, should be analyzed appropriately.

Two sneaker brands tell us to “just do it” because “impossible is nothing.” An excellent mindset to adopt provided the initiatives won’t damage your brand. If that’s the case, by all means, don’t hesitate. Experiment and learn. If it’s a silver bullet, hit or miss initiative, look for ways to simulate the outcome first.

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