don’t bark

If you buy a dog, let it bark. It’s not up to you to bark anymore; you just bought a dog.

As a founder, delegating work is very difficult. Time and time again, founders — early on in the business’ lifecycle — are troubled with letting other people assist them. The company is their soul child, after all. What if they mess up? They don’t understand the business through and through, and they haven’t got the faintest idea of how important this task really is! A small outtake of thoughts racing through founders’ heads.

If the people helping you do make mistakes, there is room for improvement. Learning opportunities reveal themselves for them to understand the process better and for you to explain the process better and reduce error margin while you’re at it. If they mess up (the same task) consistently, you may be stuck with a bad hire, but that’s a different story altogether.

Trust the people and resources you buy or hire to do their job. Let it go, focus on the big picture.

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