diamond density

At about sixteen years old, I woke up from a failed surgery. Doctors wanted to operate on fibral displacement in my face. Fibral displacement refers to bone and tissue presence in the body, in places where it shouldn’t be, also associated with benign tumors.

Afterward, the surgeons told me that they could not remove the bone, wrecking their drills and equipment while trying. Everybody involved had mixed feelings. On the one hand, with the fibral displacement gone, my situation would have improved. On the other hand, the surgeons were seemingly astonished due to the fact they crushed their equipment. Claiming the density was greater than that of diamonds.

A heck of a oneliner. One I’ve used a couple dozen times, even though it’s hard for me to verify the authenticity of the claim.

The more authority somebody has, the faster and easier we are inclined to believe them. Nevertheless, critical analysis and healthy skepticism shouldn’t decrease depending on the level of authority.

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