global value

Even though added value should be tweaked per region, take the different tastes of a can of Coke around the world, for instance. Some values are so universal that they can be applied, unaltered, around the world.

Take scooters, for example. People like to save time and energy. Hence the model of shared mobility through scooters, bicycles, or mopeds has been embraced by many cities worldwide.

However, some cities have failed to do so or even refused to do so. Maybe those cities deem their infrastructure unfit to allow for scooters? If so, that says something about that city and its mobility program in the first place.

For businesses providing universal values, obstacles can still be introduced nevertheless. Perhaps by policy- and lawmakers.

Businesses providing universal value-add should expect friction, sometimes from an unexpected place. Upon being hindered, those businesses can just move on to the next market. Whose loss is it anyway?

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