hocus focus

When it comes to focus, there are different kinds that each come with their challenges. Put simply, short-term focus determines the level of concentration we can apply for a task at hand. Long-term focus means keeping track of goals and consequently not losing them out of sight.

Short- and long-term focus aren’t the same. What’s even worse is both often compete for the same resource.

Luckily, focus replenishes automatically, however not entirely. The amount of focus you can muster up depends heavily on how you feel. Your physical and mental health, state of mind, and energy levels all contribute.

Part of our capacity to focus can be trained. The process is simple. How would you prepare for a marathon? Surely by running. Focus can be trained by, you guessed it, focusing.

In this day and age, every internet-capable device is competing for our attention. While focus miracles (apart from medicinally induced ones) are hard to come by, some silent contemplation can work its magic.

Bonus: enjoy hocus focus beats, my carefully, artisanally crafted playlist.

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