idle downtime

As if that ever happens. Idle downtime as an entrepreneur doesn’t come around very often, but we’re usually ill-prepared when it does.

Idle time and downtime aren’t the same. Idle time in software, for instance, means something scheduled to happen in the future, for the time being, is just sitting there waiting. On the other hand, downtime occurs when, due to failure or an outage, what has to happen, can’t happen.

How does that reflect on people? Idle time for an entrepreneur could imply waiting for a customer to comment on an offer made. Downtime could mean the email server is down, rendering the entrepreneur virtually incapable of performing that particular task.

“You have to make time.” A platitude thrown around that is sure to upset people working day and night. However, idle – and downtime is something that, perhaps due to force majeure, happens to us.

The tricky part is that entrepreneurs should artificially induce it when it doesn’t happen (enough). Idle downtime is an outstanding opportunity to take a step back from day-to-day business and look ahead. Without the opportunity, we are stuck in the daily routine and easily lose track of the strategic roadmap. 

Next time downtime manifests itself, grab the opportunity, get to the (fictive) chopper, and check on the strategy from a helicopter view.

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