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Tons of suffocating pressure rest on our shoulders nowadays. Personally and professionally. It’s like a full-time job not to go unnoticed. How do you stand out from a crowd in which everybody wants to stand out?

Getting your voice heard, or read, is not a zero-sum game. One star doesn’t shine brighter because it steals light from the other stars. There is plenty of limelight to go around. Cutting through the noise is a matter of authenticity and uniqueness.

Generic content creation is relatively easy. Already today, machines can do so quite well. New businesses starting out could either spend a lot of time and money strategizing on determining their tone of voice or use the tone of voice they already have.

Your shared worldview and ideals brought you together, and surely they will tie the content nicely together. How is that for a tone of voice. Disclaimer: if writing and creating content isn’t your strong suit or generally perceived as unpleasant, get an editor. Scratch that. Stephen King once said: “to write is human, to edit is divine.” So, look for an editor either way.

Your (start-up) tone of voice is a collection of voices already present, inherently authentic and unique. Let them seep through by combining – and surfacing them.

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