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Only one in four Belgians consider their paycheck to be the most crucial source of motivation for work. 48% consider the actual contents of their job the most important motivator, according to a recent study conducted by Partena Professional.

Salary, among other “advantages,” is easy to express, and the number speaks for itself. How it actually feels like to perform the job, on a daily basis, is much harder to define and subsequently communicate.

Close to one in two is on the lookout for a different job throughout the first year of employment. Reason why? Mismatch in job expectations. In other words, this is not what I’ve been sold. You told me, dear recruiter, that I could work in a particular way. A couple of weeks later, it turns out that it couldn’t be farther from the truth. You told me I would get a lot of autonomy and feedback. In reality, I’m being micro-managed without any feedback. The way I perform tasks daily is not at all as described—quite the contrary.

Imagine for a second that marketeers advertised products and services as poorly as some recruiters do. Actually, they can’t because there are regulations to prevent false advertising.

Focus on communicating job content correctly to your candidates.

Bonus: if you don’t know how, ask me. I’d love to help out.

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