make haste slowly

For the last couple of decades, humanity should have enabled itself to work less instead of more. As time progresses, people can reduce or eliminate the need to reinvent the proverbial wheel. Setting us up for something that is often referred to as the “innovation dividend.”

On the one hand, there is mindfulness, a trend that keeps gaining popularity. On the other hand, the pressure to perform is presumably still on the rise. Do these two balance each other out? They could.

Calm the hell down quickly! One of the key elements in mindfulness is to be completely aware. To be fully present in the moment. In business, as in leisure, the balance between speed and thoroughness is vital. Fly through your work, and recklessness may cause errors to creep in. Short term delivery goals may be met, but the chance of missing long term goals increases. Rushing work may hinder (seeing) the long term vision.

Achieving “flow,” a state of mind in which people are totally involved, is such a blessing. Losing track of time during work makes it feel like play.

Double down on those moments. Perform like there is no tomorrow but enjoy it thoroughly while you’re at it.

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