necessary luxury

Today’s gain is tomorrow’s loss.

When you upgrade a vital component to your business, it’s hard to go back to the way things were before.

In theory, it’s easy to downgrade or revert. At least, it should be made easy. Third service providers ideally make it possible to — at the touch of a button — downgrade your plan or subscription with them.

In reality, it’s a lot less straightforward. Psychologically, it feels like taking a step back. This bias is often referred to as loss aversion in behavioral economics. What was once a luxury has become a necessity, just like that.

Suppose you walk into the fanciest audio recording studio on planet earth. Inside, you find a mixing panel as wide as a school bus. Cream of the crop equipment everywhere you look. However, without prior experience with a cheap laptop, two-channel analog mixer, and a microphone built for conference calls, you’ll never be able to operate the top-notch mixing panel properly. You most certainly won’t squeeze all the possibilities out of it.

Introducing a new hard- or software into your business should be done diligently. Start small. Begin with crappy equipment, on purpose. Enabling yourself to learn the ropes. You can always upgrade. Upgrading is easy. Downgrading isn’t.

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