one trick unicorn

Years ago, I rented a massive piece of real estate for a business. Immediately after making the rather substantial commitment (money- and time-wise), the landlord said this: “entrepreneurship is like boxing against a wall. You have to keep boxing until the wall remains in its place.” A clear message, packaged in an unrefined, even slightly unappealing metaphor.

There are hundreds of ways to encourage someone not to give up, some more esoteric than others. We can’t possibly all be the most charismatic, eloquent, and intelligent entrepreneurs. Even incredibly savvy entrepreneurs have made silly mistakes or, worse, failed miserably. Even if you are all those things (more power to you), all the building blocks have to fall in their right place at the right time. Considering those building blocks to be bricks, the above “wall metaphor” regains charm.

If there was ever one skill to master as an entrepreneur, it’s perseverance. If you (I’m looking at you show pony) have but one trick up your sleeve, let it be this: refuse to die (professionally).

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