trust is undervalued

Pay it when you can. That’s what the friendly guy at the bakery told me this morning. Their payment terminal was temporary out of order, and I rarely carry cash around. I only visited this bakery in particular half a dozen times and hadn’t met the store clerk earlier.

I absolutely love this tiny gesture. Here is why.

It oozes trust. The bakery is telling me they trust me that I’ll come around (one day). Granted, the amount is relatively small. It’s not like driving a new car off the lot without any securities. Still, I appreciate the gesture.

Obviously, I will return with the money. Furthermore, I’ll (probably) tip generously because I sure appreciated the hassle they saved me.

Finally, I’ll probably become a repeat customer. Reciprocity is real. Either knowingly or unknowingly, I will want to reciprocate this random act of kindness.

On average, it’s about 6.5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep one. The above number varies tremendously based on your industry.

Be like the baker. Take (small) bets on trust now and then.

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