we accept emotion here

The only available currency at the very beginning of starting a new business is “emotion.” What’s bad about it, buying a loaf of bread with it probably won’t work. The good thing is that the value is relative and virtually infinite.

Looking for potential co-founders, initially, there will be very little to offer them. Shared ideas and vision can serve as a starting point towards motivating one another. The potential of the yet to be invented products and services could account for something down the road. However, nothing tangible. Time to fire up the “emotion” money printing machine.

Similar to actual money, “emotion” coins have a heads – and tails side as well. One side is the good side, a plethora of pleasant, stimulating, and honest emotions. The flipside is the exact opposite, bad vibes, betrayal, ungratefulness.

As a (co-)founder, you print the actual “emotion” money. You determine the inflation and deflation. More importantly, you choose the type of emotions, good or bad. Do right by people, value and appreciate them, and success may eventually manifest itself. If you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for a letdown.

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