the world does not accord with our intuition

The world does not accord with our intuition. A piece of paper, folded forty-two times, reaches the moon. Hard to believe, right?

Imagine for a second that all the (human resources) management styles and procedures you apply, based on intuition, could be totally flawed.

Use data-driven models and analytics to build decision-making frameworks to reduce attribution errors based solely on intuition.

This one minute read is inspired by the writings of Malcolm Gladwell.

bad through bad

You probably swore never to apply (some of) the parenting styles your parents used on you with your children, right? Many of us do. When we notice we apply the same parenting styles, it’s not the most pleasant realization.

Why does that happen? We never truly understood what we didn’t like about the parenting style. We’re able to communicate that we didn’t like it, but that’s about it. A thorough comprehension of which specific aspects bugged us, and why, is often lacking.

Bad managers are the by-product of other bad managers.

They want to do a lot better. However, without a thorough understanding of why their managers were once bad managers, working on a solution is practically impossible.