two hour hook — exploration

Thirteen years ago, I found myself lost in the middle of Shinjuku Station. One of the busiest stations (connecting trains to subways) in Tokyo, the world’s largest city. Even though I was probably a nuisance to tons of travelers, trying to figure out where to go while obstructing people flows in the process. However, due to Japanese efficiency and politeness, it never seemed to be a problem.

I had an obvious goal; make it back to the hotel. I vividly recall how I felt at the time. Mesmerized by a tremendous amount of people. Flabergasted by the big city lights. Craving teriyaki chicken due to the smell emerging from smokey alleys.

After a while, a compassionate Japanese man approached me and said: “you seem lost, may I help you?”. Minutes later, I was on my way.

If you manage to incorporate this (first) hook principle, you’re on your way to building a successful product or service.

Present your customer with a clear, unambiguous goal. A goal that leads to success. Make sure that the environment is an exciting one to be in. If your customer slows down, or gets stuck altogether, provide kind and timely guidance to help them get back on their way.

Exploring is in our curious nature. Have your product or service cater to it in the right way.

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