two hour hook — friction

Seamless. If I had a buck for every time somebody combined the words: seamless and experience… While there are tons of good arguments in favor of creating actual seamless experiences, there are some arguments against it. “Friction” is after “exploration,” the second out of five hook principles.

A seamless experience is a combination of multiple experiences where the customer doesn’t notice any gaps. A sense of continuation throughout the entire experience is perceived. Uber, for instance, has reduced a rather substantial amount of friction in the cab-hailing experience. Hence, moving from point a to point b using a taxi has been made (much more) seamless than the (analog) alternative.

The issue that arises is this. We remember experiences better when we have to put in a (tiny) bit of effort. Inversely, when experiences are too frictionless, they can feel somewhat generic.

In your product or service, introduce tiny amounts of friction, perhaps tied to milestones or achievements. This way, your customer has a sense of achievement and might grow to love the product or service (more).

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