two hour hook — progress

Exposing progress provides us with two valuable insights. How far along we are on the one hand, and how much ground there is left to cover on the other hand. What a delightful feeling to know exactly where you are en route to your goal. Progress is the third hook principle after exploration and friction.

The more we invest in something, the more likely we will see it all the way through. If you want to make sure your customer reaches the point where your product or service provides the most value, or alleviates the most pain, provide them with the ability to check on the progress they’re making at all times.

If there is much ground to cover, it will take your customer a significant amount of time and effort to end up in the place where you want them to be. In that case, introduce milestones. “Just a tiny push and you’re halfway there.” This type of motivation, at the right time, can work miracles.

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