two hour hook — reward

Well done! Two thumbs up. Just a last push, and you’re there. You can do this! Is a sincere, timely encouragement ever wrong? Doubtful.

Whether it’s a sports app telling you you’re halfway there while running. A language learning app letting you know how many new words you’ve just learned. A productivity tool letting you know how many hours you saved. Reaping the benefits of what you sowed is generally a nice feeling. Knowing exactly what those benefits are is even nicer.

Some people use their own motivation as a reward. Others might need more tangible items to keep them going. Those who find themselves without outside sources of encouragement can get creative with things like certificates or points to work towards tangible goals.

After your customer started exploring your product or service, they should have experienced some carefully crafted (minor) friction. Once they progress towards their goal and the offer (or functionality) has been increased in complexity, it’s time to hand out proverbial medals.

Whether it’s an act of endearment, some kind words, an unsolicited treat. Include rewards throughout your entire customer journey.

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